Saturday, July 20, 2013

Trot Topics: *Season 4 Wishlist

With the next season's spoilers coming out this week, thought I'd put down my hopes for what they might have in Season 4...

*At least three Rarity episodes to make up for there not being any last season!

*Having at least one of the Cutie Mark Crusaders actually getting their cutie mark in a very simplistic manner.

*Since there's been at least one episode per the last two seasons dealing with the supporting characters, then do an entire one featuring the male characters, particularly the colts. Something involving either the younger colts like Snips and Snails, or the older ones like Big Mac, Doctor Whooves, and Magnum.

*More revelations of the Mane 6 families, particularly Fluttershy's. Hers is the only one we've had no kind of backstory on at all, and its interesting to see about how a pegasus came to separate herself more from the pegasi in Cloudsdale. Another possible idea is Pinkie's sisters coming for a visit.

*Some more background dealing with the friendship/relationships the Mane 6 had with each other prior to when Twilight moved to Ponyville. We already know that most of the other 5 were familiar with each other before then, like Dash and Fluttershy in flight camp, and Applejack's awareness of Pinkie's "Pinkie-sense". But, exactly whether or not they were already friends yet hasn't been established.

*AN 80'S CHEERILEE SCENE! This is one of the most untapped sources of pure comedy the show hasn't even bothered to do anything with! I would pay so much to see her in a Footloose parody!

*King Sombra's origin story. He was some bad guy that showed up to be bad just for the sake of being bad, but we got no real history. At least most of the other villains had motivations for their actions: Chrysalis had to feed her people, Discord is the spirit of chaos, Sunset Shimmer was a bitch, etc. But Sombra got nothing, other than he likes crystals and stairs! Maybe if they were to do another episode similar to the Hearth's Warming Eve were a play details the history of Sombra and the Crystal Empire. It's certainly got enough mythology behind it similar to Brigadoon.

*Something more with Cheerilee and Big Mac. They already hinted briefly last year that they are seeing each other, so something like them on an official date.

*Return of Gilda, but NOT as a redemption episode. This was a plot they left hanging bigtime. It's seems that since Dash is the "Element of Loyalty", that she wouldn't be so quick to just let her original(and possibly first ever)friend just walk out on her like that, especially since the main reason Gilda was so steamed was because of all the pranks that Dash unknowingly sabotaged her with at the party. Even if Gilda didn't get along with the other ponies to well, and has a seriously bad attitude, it could be that her real dismissal of Dash was she felt she was being left out of her life to the point where she just left her. It just seems like Dash should try to own up and make amends with her somehow, even if they don't become friends again in the end.

*Some kind of acknowledgement that the Equestria Girls movie actually happened in canon. A lot of times when they do a movie base on a still-running TV series, they'll release a movie that takes place during that timeline. However, it's not always done in the same continuity as the show. The first Power Rangers movie didn't fill in the following season of the show at all, but the second movie actually became the pilot for the fifth season. This is also the same with dozens of anime shows. So them having some kind of hint in this season that Equestria Girls did take place in the established storyline would be helpful, although that doesn't have mean bringing back Flash!

*Mayor Mare running for re-election. There hasn't been much with her in any big way, so doing a story involving her running for office again would be a good enough idea for a story. At least also explaining why she dies her mane grey.

*The mystery behind the Everfree Forest solved. This place operates under its own rules, is filled with creatures that don't live anywhere else, and the sun and moon operate on their own there without princess power. So, some details about this would be nice, especially with how Zecora came to live there.

*One of the Mane 6 gets a regular boyfriend, and its not Twilight! It's a little strange that at least one of them hasn't either found themselves attracted to a perspective other(not including Rarity+Blueblood!), or that one of the other colts would find one of them worth dating. We know some of Rarity's neighbors like her, but whether they'd work up the nerve to ask her out is something else.

*Spike gets some kind of clue to who his parents are. Since dragons live for a looong time, it's likely he'd eventually come across a link to his past.

*An event similar to a comic convention! Something along the lines of a small con in Ponyville where fans of something gather to celebrate their favorite obsession. Whether its a Daring Do fanclub, a video gamers expo, a bunch of costumers, or just plain dorky ponies geeking out bigtime with one of the Mane 6 proudly displaying their fanaticism to it, even though some of the rest might not understand it.

*Another Pony Pet Playdate! The pets are awesome, so at least one scene where they're altogether again(with Tank!).