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Trot Topics, *It's Just My Head Canon!: The Royal "Family"

One of the stranger things concerning Equestria's royalty is the way its family is structured, or at least what referred to as family. Princess Celestia is the highest reigning monarch in the country even though she's just a princess. Why she's not a queen is unknown. Luna is confirmed to be her younger sister, and probably the next in line for the thrown. I won't get into Celestia and Luna's personal history together as its supposed to be covered in a flashback/dream sequence in Season 4. However, it's slightly clear that Luna's original change into Nightmare Moon came about for some resentment towards Celestia for her being the ruling party, that and everypony loving the daytime more than the night. But it's pretty obvious that the two of them make up the majority of the existing family.

Then we come across Princess Cadence. If you were to leave out the Crystal Heart Spell book as officially canon, then she was a pegasus adopted by Earth ponies and could somehow work magic. After using magic to pacify an wicked pony sorceress, she was transported to the spirit world where Twilight encountered Celestia in Magical Mystery Cure, met Celestia herself and was turned into an Alicorn after that. She was adopted by Celestia as her niece, but if this was done as a royal decree or a legal adoption is unknown. This took place during Luna's exile on the moon, which makes Luna her aunt too, despite a lot of fans speculating at the time that Cadence was really her daughter! It's possible Celestia meant for Cadence as a candidate to take her place as reigning princess is something happened to her before Luna's return, or if her sister couldn't be reformed back to her old self. Cadence was given the title of princess along with her adoption, the term of which is more of an honorary, similar to a duke or an earl.

Next we go to Prince Blueblood. He is supposed to be Celestia's nephew, and his title as prince is slightly honorary like Cadence's. According to a trading card on him his link to her is far removed. So whether he's one of the last of a long line of descendants of hers, or if one of his ancestors was given royalty status is unknown. To know more about this, we'd have to get into the actual royal lineage.

It's been established in the Hearth's Warming Eve history that unicorns were the only ones that had any royalty. In the main story, the unicorn Princess Platinum was the daughter of the unicorn king. There's alot of fan speculation behind saying that Platinum was in fact the daughter of King Sombra, who is the only other unicorn king ever mentioned in Equestria history. That and Sombra' from that overused "a thousand years ago" timeframe when all kinds of bad mojo went down, so that is a possibility. But it's probable that Celestia and Luna are somehow descended from the unicorn royalty, and it's a little clearer as there was a former castle to the royals in the Everfree Forest where the Elements of Harmony were left. Again though, it's still unknown if Celestia and Luna were genuine royalty or if they were given the title like Twilight.

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Trot Topics, *It's Just My Head Canon!: Pegasus Cart Physics

The range of powers of pegasi in Equestria have are literally up and down sometimes, at least with their consistency. It has been well established that they can all fly in some manner or another, at least depending on their physical characteristics. They can also sit on clouds, and manipulate them into producing different kinds of weather. But they really seem to defy several physics with their ability to make wagons, chariots, and carts fly behind them when they don't have anything to support them up in the air.

We've seen this on multiple occasions like the chariots that the royal guard pegasi pull, both the feathered ones and the bat-winged ones that work for Luna. At least with the chariots, you could be lead to believe they're held up by some kind of magic used by the princesses, but there are other examples where this isn't true.

Fluttershy is shown in one episode hauling a cart full of frogs, while at the same time carrying a basket and saddlebag with frogs in them too. This is kind of an accomplishment for her considering her wingpower at the time was around 0.5. So from this, it's not to hard to see that all pegasi do have the extra ability to somehow magically keep a wagon or cart in the air. Exactly how this is done is unknown. Possibly the carts are made from the same material that the pegasi make their houses out of in Cloudsdale to stop them from dropping to the ground. Of course, when something falls out of one of these carts, it becomes the ground's problem...

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Trot Topics, *It's Just My Head Canon!: Mirror/Mirror

On the subject of pararllel universes...

The whole thing about Equestria Girls was taking the idea from Sliders where Twilight and Spike travel to an alternate reality, they soon realize it's like their world, except with multi-colored humans. There are some elements here that are common with sci-fi stories, while others seem to come totally out of left field.

One thing that seems odd is that when Twilight and Spike enter the human world, Twilight is instantly turned into a human herself, and Spike as a dog. How travelling to another universe causes one to transmogrify into a totally different species is pretty much a whole new concept. There's no real explanation for it, and it's just way too convenient for the plot. If they had it that Twilight used her magic to disguise herself and Spike, then that could work, but this is just a big "WTF?". Plus, Twilight being clothed in a color-schemed appropriate outfit is also questionable. So, the will of the universe just selectively provided the Equestrians with clothes? This applies Sunset Shimmer too.

Another aspect was the dopplegangers that the humanverse had. Most of the characters at Canterlot High were human versions of the ponies of Equestria. Some of them look okay like the Mane 6(or 5 here), while others appear really off-model if they were humanized. Celestia and Luna are barely recognizable aside from their hair. The Crusaders are alright, even though some people think they looked older than they should, but this might be to some differences in the universe's timeline to suggest they were born earlier than their Equestria counterparts. Not sure if Cheerilee is the librarian which would mean she's older than Rarity(since they both went to school as foals in Equestria), or if she's just a student volunteering. Snips and Snails on the other hand...

It's hard to say if Snips and Snails were actually "evil" in human universe, or just lead astray by Sunset. Aside from looking slightly older than their pony doubles, the movie almost goes the Star Trek route by making them bad guys as well. If that were the case though, then they would have cryptic goatees too.

The weirdest thing about the human versions of the ponies is that some of them retain their basic color schemes, while some didn't. Since it was obvious that Hasbro didn't want to have to deal with the nightmare of classifying certain characters into certain races, it was easier to have Pinkie be pink, Rainbow Dash to be blue, etc. However, others like Sunset Shimmer, Applejack and Big Mac are caucasian as opposed to yellow, orange, or red.

The last big thing was the use of an Element of Harmony in an alternate world. Whether any of the other Elements aside from Twilight's would work there and how is unknown. Sunset wasn't capable of using magic in the human world, that's why she brought the Element of Magic there. This wouldn't have ended up working for her though once back in Equestria, and would've reverted back to Twilight's control. How Sunset knew about Twilight's element and where to get it, all why she was trapped in another universe for "30 moons" is also a huge headscratcher. Maybe she had some kind of crystal ball that let her peak into Equestria.

Anyway, perhaps Equestria is linked to other universes. Hopefully Doctor Whooves can shed some light on that.

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