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I am the Master. Lord of Time!

Time Turner?! What's this bullshit?!

Teleporting...Remember that you can do it when you need to

Trot Topics, *How Canon Is Expanded Universe?: Micro-Series, Fluttershy

Fluttershy's one-shot special didn't trip too far off the path of the given TV show canon, but did expand on Fluttershy's character a little more than the show. For the first time we're introduced to her love of KNITTING.

Fluttershy gets wind of an art contest Celestia is holding. She rushes back to her cottage to reveal her super secret Chamber of Extreme Knitting, which is probably what Batman would use in place of a Batcave if he was obsessed with crochet. Here, we see huge several knitted creations, including one of the gremlins from the Rainbow Dash comic. Fluttershy enters the contest with a large knitted structure of herself flying with butterflies, but she can't seem to handle some of the criticism about it, either good or bad. Most of this stems from art critic, Praiser Pan, arguing that her work is craft and not art. But as usual, just because Celestia shows up and gives it her own personal praise, that means everyone has to start liking it, and Fluttershy is given medal for it, having all her friends enjoying her bizarre underground studio. It's hard to say if Fluttershy's entry could be admitted into this, even though it was advertised as an "extreme" art contest, but that could come down to just individual perspectives on creativity.

Most of the things that expand on this issue were Fluttershy's inner need to express herself through knitting. This is something that has only been lightly touched on in the series with her knowledge of dressmaking, but here it goes all the way up to 11 leaving us wondering if this obviously great talent of hers will ever be brought up again.

Another funny thing that goes outside the norm as far as character development is weirdly enough in Angel Bunny. He's usually seen as being bossy as heck with Fluttershy, and rarely acting as a source of support, but in this one he's constantly shadowing her as her own personal cheerleader. It's not that we don't see this occasionally in the TV show, however this makes Angel to seem less of a total Jerky McJerkison than normal.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Trot Topics, *How Canon Is Expanded Universe?: Micro-Series, Rarity

Rarity's comic seemed to spotlight her business sense better than anything the TV series did. We see her giving big time fashion shows, and helping others set up their own company.

We're introduced to a big after-party for Rarity's fashion show in Ponyville, including toga partiers, meaning that Equestria must've had their own version of ancient Greece. Rarity takes a vacation at what she thinks is a wellness center, but it's really a farm run by hippie ponies, marking our first view of these frisbee-throwing pot-enthusiasts in the Ponyverse. Wheat Grass and her trippy husband Flax Seed(Babs' dad?)are worried their farm will get taken away by Flim and Flam, who I can't believe haven't been cited by the Better Business Bronies yet. Their farm is threatened from being torn down to make room for another Barnyard Bargains outlet store, so Filthy Rich has some franchising plans. The farm has lots of old rock posters nailed up in it like "Celestia Superstar" and "Mane: The Musical", leaving us wanting to see a full-on MLP rock opera! Rarity manages to help the hippies get their act together by selling their "goop" beauty products at her big fashion show in Canterlot, one of the models for is none other than ponified Tara Strong! Can ponified John de Lancie be far behind? The comic closes with Spike asking Twilight why he should write a letter to Celestia when she's standing only 40 ft. away from them, making Spike very aware of Twilight's growing OCD problems.

A bizarre back-up story involves Hayseed Turnip Truck and his rocky "relationship" with Rarity chronicling when he first met her, running into again in Canterlot in the Sweet And Elite episode. From there, he somehow managed to come up with his own successful business all in an effort to impress Rarity, only to be wrongly informed(i.e.: lied)to by Spike that she already has a boyfriend. This seems to contradict a lot of what we saw of the character however briefly at the Apple Family Reunion, because if he was a big shot tycoon, why is he still dresses up in his trailer park gear, unless this all happens after that or he somehow blew all his money on lottery tickets.

Dashie is a big fat softy!


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That's Racist!

Trot Topics, *How Canon Is Expanded Universe?: Micro-Series, Rainbow Dash

I'm starting my "expanded universe" of the comic book Micro-Series with Issue #2 instead of Issue #1 because I couldn't really find anything in the Twilight Sparkle story that really expanded on the given MLP universe, aside from maybe a few references to popular book titles. The Rainbow Dash one though has quite a few. This comic has R.D. taking on some rather nasty gremlins, although not the Spielberg kind, but from the old WWII cartoons like Looney Tunes and Disney.

Starting out with Dashie helping out the Wonderbolts at a local air show in Ponyville, she is struck down by a duo of wicked gremlins that can walk on clouds and seem to soak up bad vibes from the weather they make, almost like reverse versions of the Changelings who feed off of love. We're then shown for the first time something that hasn't had an official introduction in MLP canon, television! There is apparently a network called PNN that reports on Dash's progress dealing with the gremlins. This opens up a whole slew of questions regarding this like "Do ponies have TVs in their homes to watch this?", or "Is is cable or satellite TV?". It's kind of a big deal as television itself has never been shown in Equestria before this, and one has to wonder whether the technology to do so only recently came into being, which is a little weird considering they already had arcade games in this world. One of the people that PNN interviews includes a goth chick, and your left to ask if there are Hot Topics in Equestria too.

Rainbow Dash's first encounter with the gremlins after performing a Sonic Rainboom had left her wings slightly bruised. Despite several attempts to stop them, including her epic Toraindo(a rainbow/mini-tornado), Dashie still can't seem to make a dent in the gremlins' plans. As a last act of desperation, Dash performs a Sonic Double Rainboom(and this was a few weeks before the actual Double Rainboom fanfilm premiered online). This action causes the gremlin's gloomy clouds to disperse and thwarting their "rain of evil". The Sonic Double Rainboom also had a strange effect on Applejack's crop by turning them into Zap Apples that usually only crop up once a year. So aside from the ripples that Dash's first Sonic Rainboom caused, this is unusual too, possibly meaning that a Sonic Double Rainboom can speed up time on certain plantlife. Applejack decides to call this new line of apples "Rainbowie's Apple Odyssey", with a logo that is identical to David Bowie's Space Oddity cover.

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I'm the Goram Batpie!

Joust: MLP style

Time Travel isn't real

Dude, who the buck are you talking too?!

Hercules saves the day?

Time for Summer Wrap-Up!

Yeah...well, I'm gonna open up my own Crystal Empire

I'm the Celestia-damned Batmare

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Trot Topics, *How Canon Is Expanded Universe?: Zen And The Art Of Gazebo Repair

This was the third story arc in the regular MLP comics, although I'd have to think it was originally a Big Macintosh story made for the Micro-Series that was expanded to be a 2-parter from Issue #9-#10 involving alot of the background ponies. The main focus here is Big Mac trying to find some nails to fix the farm's gazebo, but he has to go through Ponville's Summer Wrap-Up Festival to make it to the hardware store, of which we're introduced to nearly every background pony and supporting character in the entire show. Nevertheless, there's still tons in here that seems to contradict the given TV series canon.

Part 1 starts out with Granny Smith seeming a little more ornery than normal, giving Big Mac the "In my day," speech old folks stereotypically give. Among the background ponies, some of them seem to have comic books as part of their destiny as they have Green Lantern, Batman, and Dark Phoenix emblems as cutie marks, not to mention two foals cosplaying as the TMNT. There's another weird thing going on in the background with the Mane 6 each seen on their own talking to someone about a prior adventure they had involving the Sun Stone, which might be revealed more in a future issue, and one of these shots has Rarity talking to her parents along including the Magnum P.I. lookalike from Issue #1 who might be related to Rarity's dad(aka: Magnum). The "Great and Powerful" Trixie puts on a show as the GPT is seemingly not using the "Great and Apologetic" title in her act. We're given a detailed map of Big Mac's little journey through the festival, which includes going through a time warp in the science fair tent, and it's unknown if Doctor Whooves or Starswirl's time spell were involved. Unbeknownst to him, Big Mac is constantly being stalked by Fleetfoot of the Wonderbolts who might be in love with him due to a concussion. This is all bulldozed by Princess Luna who drafts Big Mac as her partner in the festival games, although the really weird part is her t-shirt which keeps changing logos in every other frame, including the Star Trek and Batman logos. Zecora later consoles Mac, despite the fact that for once she is having trouble coming up with a rhyme. Mac finally makes it to the hardware store, but ticked to find it's closed and he now has to search the festival for it's owner, Lugnut.

Part 2 continues Mac on his quest, and getting sidetracked into playing a ball toss that wins him a large Pinkie Pie doll which is identical to the costume she made of herself during The Return Of Queen Chrysalis. We see stranger background ponies like ones of Kirk and Spock, plus learn that Daring Do and Mare Do Well are popular enough to have their own Macy's Parade balloons. Another oddity is apparently Derpy has been using the Changeling cocoon she was put in back in Issue #1 as a house, along with a mailbox and a Home Sweet Home sign. Mac gets railroaded again to being one of Sapphire Shore's backup dancers to a pony version production of Car Wash titled "Cart Wash". He eventually runs into Cheerilee who seems glad to see him, although it's a little unclear if they're officially a couple as of this story or just good friends. Some of the closing sight gags include Big Mac loosing an arm wrestling match to Celestia which makes you question how physically strong she is, plus him getting smooched by Luna on a ferris wheel thus increasing his potential harem of mares by one. We close on the ponies singing the Summer Wrap-Up song that is exactly like the Winter Wrap-Up song but with altered lyrics. At least with this it's official that the ponies have a celebration for every changing of the seasons.

The really out of character thing about this whole story arc though is all of Big Mac's inner-monologue. We already know he's not much for words, usually just either a "eeyup" or "nope" here and there, but the dialogue he has going in his head have a wider horizon. It's sort of typical in a show that's primarily targeted for girls that any of the regular male characters get little to say in them, but Big Mac is almost mute at most points in the regular series. Given the events in this comic, he clearly has a lot to say, but maybe growing up on a farm with three opinionated females made it hard for him to express himself.

There Can Be Only One!, *Mega Ultra Chicken vs. Ultra Mega Chicken

How the buck do non-unicorn ponies bowl?!

Sherlock Hooves

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Separated At Birth?, *Mane 6 & Disney Princesses

Trot Topics, *It's Just My Head Canon!: Will Twilight Get Her Own Kingdom?

One of the questions brought up at the beginning of Equestria Girls was when Twilight was worrying if now that she's a princess that Celestia will expect her to lead her own kingdom. This is mainly in comparison to Princess Cadence, who after getting married became the reigning monarch of the Crystal Empire. Cadence became their ruler mainly because of two reasons: the Empire had a vacancy since their previous king was a complete tool that had been exiled into shadows, and there was obviously some connection between Cadence and the Empire as her cutie mark was of the Crystal Heart that projected the citizens' feelings. What Cadence's "in canon" connection is to this is something that might be revealed later on, but she was definitely destined to rule the Empire in one way or another. Now, even thought Twilight has been promoted to princess too, she probably won't be getting a kingdom of her own anytime soon, unless either Celestia or Luna turn their responsibilities over to her, or another magical empire missing an heir appears out of nowhere like Brigadoon.

Tara's Badonkadonk

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You came to the wrong neighborhood!

Crusaders meet Aquaman

Nyan Dash

Lyra meets Batman

At The Movies, *MLP3K

Trot Topics, *It's Just My Head Canon!: Rainbow Dash as the Element of "Loyalty"

As each of the Mane 6 are supposed to represent one of the Elements of Harmony, there are times these characters will do something that totally goes against their Element. A specific case is brought up in one the earliest episodes focusing on Rainbow Dash and her relationship with the griffon Gilda, who was probably her first real friend.

In the episode, Griffon The Brushoff, Rainbow is getting to know Pinkie Pie a little better since their initial bonding during Nightmare Moon's return, meaning that the two of them probably didn't socialize together much prior to that. Pinkie and Dash start pulling pranks on the other Mane 6, as well as each other. The next day, Pinkie shows up at Dash's sky pad to do another full day of pranking, but discovers that Dash is visited by her foalhood friend Glinda from since they were both in Junior Speedsters Flight Camp, which I'm guessing was different from the one Dash and Fluttershy went to. Dash wants to spend some time with her old friend, so she tells Pinkie to catch up with them later. Pinkie naturally does so, in ways that to those who aren't familiar with her might find annoying at first. Gilda feels slightly threatened by Pinkie trying to horn in on her time with Dash, and literally grounds her. After spying on her(which Pinkie doesn't realize is a wrong in its on right!)she judges that Gilda is a "meanie-mean pants", but to bring her more over to being less of a meanie-mean pants she throws her...A PARTY!!!(surprise). There, Gilda is bombarded by one prank after another, with everyone laughing at her. Now, I don't know what the average temper a young griffon has for dealing with this type of embarrassment, but not likely set very high. Gilda blows her top and declares she's had enough of being treated this way. Here's where the story goes the route it shouldn't...

Gilda instinctively blames Pinkie for her misery, but is at first shocked to find out it was in fact Rainbow Dash who set up all the pranks at the party, even though they weren't all set up for Gilda specifically. Gilda at first probably felt betrayed by her old friend for being the target of so many pranks, and then for Dash choosing her new friends over her. Gilda finally leaves in an expected huff, and Dash just sits there. Considering that Dash is the embodiment of the Element of Loyalty, you would think she would be more than a little bit concerned about what effect her actions had on her old friend. Granted, her circle of friends has grown since the Nightmare Moon return, and she is concerned about them to the point where she might feel more inclined to being on their side on something. However, if you're main character trait is "loyalty", you would expect she'd be more compassionate to her old friend, regardless of her bad attitude. Dash could've at least apologized for the way Gilda obviously felt victimized by all her pranks. That, and just letting Gilda just fly off like that. Understandingly, Gilda on her own was embarrassed enough from all the pranks, but as far as she's concerned it was made worse having her old friend abandon her like that.

Give all this Dash could have chosend to be more mindful towards this instead of letting Gilda just fly out of her life. Even though Gilda was particularly mean to her friends, but Dash made no attempt to reconcile between them. She just simply decided that Gilda was wrong, and all that history they had together wasn't worth salvaging for the friends she only just made a few days ago. This alone is pretty solid evidence that Dashie really is a "flip-flop".

Sidekicks (with shark) on a subway