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Trot Topics, *It's Just My Head Canon!: About Nightmare Night

Since it's Halloween, thought I'd cover the Equestrian equivalent, Nightmare Night. This is a holiday put together sometime over the last millennium that was meant to propagate the legend of Nightmare Moon, at least sometime after she was originally sent to the moon. It's not sure if this was something started by the common pony folk after Luna's banishment, or if Celestia herself had a hoof in it's creation.

The legend is that unless ponies dress up in costumes on Nightmare Night that Nightmare Moon will swoop down and gobble them up, and that they can only satisfy her hunger by laying out some candy for her. This fits into the seasonal traditions pretty well, and the creators of the show managed to make this into something other than the standard Halloween episode.

As to if Celestia kept the Nightmare Night holiday rolling over the last ten centuries is something else thought. It's possible she was did this to try and leave enough of her sister's fall from grace into the popular consciousness just in case she herself wasn't around when Luna returned from the moon, thus giving the ponies some clue of her sister's impending comeback. You know, in case she's still all ticked and evil after getting out of lunar prison.

However, the weird thing is after Luna eventually came back in the series premiere and was "turned back to normal", the Nightmare Night following this event was treated like it never really happened. It's like if we found out the Easter Bunny was a real guy, and the Easter afterwards we still went off to the local drugstore to buy plastic eggs to hide for our kids in the yard instead of leaving it up to the Bunny to do.

You'd think since that Equestrians now know that the figure character of this holiday is not only in fact real, but she's the next in line for the throne, that they would've changed the approach to Nightmare Night. For the Luna Eclipsed episode, we see Luna showing up to Ponyville believing at first that this holiday was just perpetuating her legend, and hoping to show up as a good person/pony set on to changing everyone's minds about her with the intent of turning Nightmare Night into somekind of second Hearth's Warming Eve. However, her grand spooky entrance with bat-winged pegasi, a totally pimped out Batmobile-chariot, with lightning cracking in the background and using her Galadriel voice made everypony else think she was there to go all Dracula on their flanks. Granted, you figure out why some of the townsfolk would've been able to see what Luna was really going for, but Pinkie's insistence on having everyone run into a panic just because she thought it was "fun" worked them all into a tizzy. Eventually though it works out with Luna accepting the fact that she's been seen as this Boogie-mare the children seem to adore her for.

The thing that really makes you wonder is why didn't Celestia bother making some sort of royal proclamation stating that Nightmare Night wouldn't have Luna the evil pony-gobbling monster she had been painted out to be over the last thousand years. It's still very unclear as to what Luna had been up to for about the last year between the series premiere and the following Nightmare Night, and what Celestia had done to bring her totally out of the loop sister up to speed on current events(No, not playing video games!), but you'd imagine Celestia would have treated a sensitive subject like a holiday dedicated to highlighting her sister as a monster from Tartarus devouring the backsides of innocent foals with some kind of attention. I really don't think that this was along the lines of "Trollestia" again where the popular consensus has Celestia having some grand master plan where everything just works itself out for itself, or that by sending Luna to Ponyville that Twilight would be the one to help Luna through this. It just seems more like not enough thought was put into this concept despite how well it turns out in the end.

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Trot Topics, *How Canon Is Expanded Universe?: Nightmare Rarity

Well, this one is going to take some serious combing over! This was the second story arc in the regular comic book series, and it brings the original villain from the beginning of the TV show. It's also a major look into what "really" turned Luna into Nightmare Moon, at least in the continuity given here.

Issue #5 opens with the Mane 6 all being plagued by nightmares, so they have a sleepover at Pinkie's to solve the mystery. They each dream their own worst fears, but Rarity's has the most effect on her as she's afraid Mabel from Gravity Falls will cross universes to win her friends over with tacky saddlebags. Rarity is then scooped up by a large dark cloud and carried away into the night, which even outruns Dash's Sonic Rainboom. The girls don't have to worry long as Celestia and Luna drop by to help. Luna says that Rarity has been taken to the Nightmare Dreamscape which lies on the moon. In her past, Luna describes that she was "trapped" as Nightmare Moon by the Nightmare Forces who seduced her into being all evil, but was set free by the Elements of Harmony. However there is a legend(where'd the legend came from?)that says the Nightmare Forces may escape the moon to claim their own kingdom like Nightmare Moon planned. Their scheme now is to take out the wielders of the Elements, and destroy Ponyville. So our heroines now set out to go to the moon and rescue Rarity, even though Dash's ideas of enlarging rays and time machines don't seem to go over with the rest of them.

In issue #6, Luna's idea is to bring the moon closer to the "Earth"(despite how that would totally screw up the tides!)so that the other ponies can climb up a rope to it, which makes Equestria as having one of the cheapest space programs outside of a Road Runner cartoon. The ponies and Spike carefully head up the line, even though it seems it be easier if they had the earth ponies ride in on a chariot pulled by pegasi. Once on the moon, Luna reveals that there was native life there, but they've been corrupted by the Nightmare Energy, although its unclear if this was residual negative energy left on the moon prior to Luna's escape, or if it made its way to the moon after being defeated in Equestria. The remaining Mane 6 are once again subdued by the Nightmare Forces, but manage to push them away with their own energy, but the thing that makes this a little hard to swallow is that they didn't actually bring the Elements of Harmony with them! You would think that they'd take their main source of defense with them to fight their original nemesis. It's like the Power Rangers not taking their Megazord to fight a giant monster! Anyway, the ponies are then shocked to find that the Nightmare Forces have a new queen, Nightmare Rarity.

Issue #7 begins with Celestia rallying her forces in Ponyville, which includes Tara Stong's ponysona, and they see that a new Mare in the Moon has appeared. Meanwhile back on the moon, Nightmarity sends her minions after our heroes, but they insist that Luna escape to help the others in Ponyville. So Luna makes her getaway with a freaking "Sonic Moonboom"! The Sonic Rainboom is nice, but the Sonic Moonboom is capable of reaching hyperspace! The rest of the Mane 6 are captured, but Spike eludes them and makes his way to Nightmarity's new castle, who at this time is confessing to one of the Nightmare Forces that she chose Rarity out of the other Mane 6 as her new vessel because she had self-esteem issues, which seems a little odd considering that Rarity managed to talk off an entire army of scruffy Diamond Dogs.

The final issue has the surviving Mane 6 imprisoned but somehow still being able to use the Elements of Harmony despite not actually having them with them, and this is reemphasized by a shot of the outer prison seeming similar to the original resting place for the Elements at the beginning of the TV series. Spike helps free the girls, and they then use their non-present Elements to turn one of the remaining Nightmare Forces back to good as the moon creature Jerome. Nightmare Rarity has already left the moon with her army to conquer Ponyville. They are met with the opposing force of not only the regular townfolk, but several other ponies from out of town including the Wonderbolts, Trixie, Babs Seed, Photo Finish, Hoity Toity, Donut Joe, and a pegasus who's a dead ringer for Surprise. The other Mane 6 somehow use their non-present Elements to warp back to Ponyville from the moon along with Spike and Jerome, and use their non-present Elements to try and free Rarity from Nightmare Moon's control. Ultimately, it's the memories all her friends have of Rarity that un-possesses her. The other moon inhabitants are now free from the Nightmare Force, and Luna helps take them back to the moon.

This particular story arc was probably the most prolific out of anything IDW has done so far, including the Micro-Series. It gives it's own background behind the force that turned Princess Luna evil, although it's still unclear how much of it was originally Luna's own personal darkness or whether the Nightmare Force wasn't simply a byproduct of it, like some dark essence that sprung from her after she was cleansed of it, or if it was a conscious entity that manipulated Luna down the dark path. There are plans to go more into Nightmare Moon's true origins in Season 4, so it's still really hard to say how valid this comic is in the given show's canon. Plus, the whole thing about the missing presence of the Elements of Harmony is also a big thing to look over. It's true that Twilight and her friends' counterparts were capable of using the Elements in the human world in Equestria Girls with none of them at their disposal, but it's just weird that Celestia didn't just bring them with her to Ponyville for the Mane 6 to use. Another thing that was surprisingly missing...Applejack's hat! She doesn't wear it once during the entire four issues(except during a flashback scene from the TV pilot)which is like Indiana Jones going on an adventure without his hat. You just don't do that to the fans.

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