Friday, December 20, 2013

Trot Topics, *It's Just My Head Canon!: Here Be Dragons

Dragons in MLP are a portrayed similarly as they are in alot of other fantasy-themed stories. They're large reptilian creatures which seem to eventually grow wings, with some variations between them. Some have horns, some have fins, some have large fangs, some have beaks, and then there's ones like Crackle that can have up to eight legs(BTW, Crackle is really a girl!). Spike being the central dragon for MLP is where most of the dragon material comes from, although he doesn't totally define what makes up these overgrown iguanas.

We know that dragons all hatch from eggs, but can seem to hatch due to unicorn magic. It's unknown if the egg Spike came from was brought to CSGU for a unicorn to hatch it specifically, or if its part of their regular curriculum to admit students who can magically hatch dragon eggs. Considering Spike's the only dragon we know of to have this happen to though, its probably not a regular thing there.

Dragons regularly eat gems, even though Spike has eaten both traditional pony food like vegetables and baked goods, as well as the occasional worm, meaning dragons can be omnivorous. Their taste for jewels can be a key ingredient in their infamous greed.

Dragons are inherently greedy creatures, and this is a driving force in their nature. They genuinely hoard large amounts of gems, and store them in dark places like caves for long periods of time similar to hibernation. This causes them to want to shut off the rest of the world and wallow in their treasure.

Dragon greed apparently can also cause premature transformations in young dragons causing them to turn physically age, of which their greed takes them over more and more. It is possible that dragons have over time learned how to control their greed due to elder dragons teaching their young. Teenage dragons tend to be a little jerkier than other adolescent creatures, so its likely that around that time in their development is when the older dragons stop taking care of them and leave them to their own devices. A theory among some fantasy world theorists is that dragons were evolved versions of dinosaurs, as humans were to apes, so in Equestria its likely that dragons have managed to evolve here from their saurian ancestors by learning how to control their greed over the generations.

Dragons on MLP apparently also have wings, or at least eventually grow them. All adult and teenage dragons have been shown with wings. There's been some argument that Spike won't get any because the two times he's grown into a full-sized dragon that neither had him with wings. However, the first time when young Twilight accidently caused him to grow was done with magic and not the regular method of dragon growth, and the second time was catalyzed by a sudden bout of greed that caused him to both grow in size and in greed which is apparently natural for baby dragons. But if Spike grows up the regular dragon way, he more than likely will gain wings, although its not known if Spike could gain them without teachings from elder dragons. It was mentioned recently on the Hot Minute video for Rarity that Spike had wings, although they didn't show him with any, but it suggests this is something that will happen in a future episode.

Another slight addition to the whole mythos is the "dragon code". This is a code of honor that Spike claims exists among other dragons that if they are saved by another, they are then indebted to them for the rest of their life. It seems more plausible that its something Spike himself created to make dragons seem more noble.

The oddest thing about dragons in MLP, at least with Spike anyway, is their fire breath can be utilized to somehow teleport letters. Spike can breath fire on a scroll, and the burnt paper magically converts into the ether to be sent nearly anywhere in Equestria. Spike can also receive letters the same way by belching them out from Princess Celestia, although its never explained how Celestia sends herself. Spike can also summon some written pieces of paper out of thin air like his dragon code business card, which suggests Spike can access some sort of pocket universe with his fire to store documents in like an interdimentional filing cabinent. It is likely that this is a system of magic Celestia set up specifically for Spike, but still iffy if all dragons can utilize this kind of magic.

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