Thursday, January 9, 2014

Battle for the Pegacane

Trot Topics, *How Canon Is Expanded Universe?: Micro-Series, Luna

The Micro-Series concludes with everyone's favorite princess ever! It's a shame they couldn't get around to giving some of the other secondary or background ponies their own separate issues, cause God knows we'd kill to see a Doctor Whooves and Derpy full-length comic! But at least they ended on a high note with what some of what some of the fans refer to as "Silly Luna" because she seems very different personality-wise from what we know of Luna in the TV series. Alot of her shown here came out in the Big Mac two-parter from the regular comic, but we finally get a glimpse at what Luna does all night when she's not playing Freddy Krueger in ponies' dreams.

I should point out that the backup story to this is actually a prelude where Luna is patrolling the Everfree Forest. She and one of her bat-guards had just fended off a manticore, although it probably just had a thorn in its paw. Luna then decides that she should get a pet of her own, to which we quickly shift to Fluttershy having her "you really want a pet?" sense tingling. On her own, Luna decides not to adopt an Owlbear due to copyright issues, even though we clearly see an Owlbear in the same shot as her, which begs to ask if MLP and Dungeons And Dragons are in the same universe. Luna passes on bats because they're to expected(this was done before the whole Flutterbat debacle), and a regular owl has been done in this show already. She finally settles on an opossum that she names Tiberius, or Tibbles for short, although its curious if she wasn't inspired by a certain Starfleet captain to give him that name.

Switching back to the beginning of the comic, we find Luna just coming in from her nightly duties with Tiberius in tow. Celestia just woke up and is looking less than celestial with her mane all tangled. Luna scoffs her sister's claim at how busy her daily schedule is, so she takes over for one day, and Celestia's advisor Kibitz takes on the task of assisting her. Luna then hops off Pinkie Pie-style, meaning she is tons more joyful than the show lets on. Despite her fun nature, Luna can't seem to refer to non-royals in a respectable manner, ultimately defining them as civilians. She then inspects the guard, where we find that Flash Sentry(the pony one)has been reassigned to Canterlot. Meanwhile, Celestia has secretly stashed away to an underground day spa run by Lotus Blossom and Aloe from Ponyville(so that's how she gets her hair all sparkly!). Luna later settles disputes between the civilians, all of which are caused by Flim and Flam. One case has Flax Seed and Wheat Grass from the Rarity Micro-Series comic. Luna goes on to have to give Philomena walkies, and then attending Fancy Pants' tea party where she has the guests be pieces in a life-size chess game. She begins to nod off during a meeting with some Crystal Empire delegates, which might be preparations for the upcoming Equestria Games, although they don't mention it by name. The delegates decide to bring in an example of the entire opening ceremonies into the castle, to which we see a full 2-page spread with shots of like the Magnum P.I. pony's Ferrari which is pulled by two dogs, the Where's Waldo pony, a circus wagon with the name Faust's Travelling Circus on the side, Vinyl Scratch at a turn table, and some of Luna's "Blame My Sister" t-shirts as part of Rarity's fashion line. This routine pushes Luna over the edge, and decides to start doing things her way. She quickly goes through the rest of Celestia's schedule by having everyone forming a line and going through the rest of her duties in one spurt. Luna eventually realizes how much her sister goes through in the day, but is in for a bigger shock when she has to do the night now too and she hasn't had any sleep yet!

I liked this particular issue, even though its still hard to say how canon the Silly Luna is to the regular Luna. She's still got her overdeveloped regal personality, while maintaining this fun-loving nature shown in the comics, so the lines get a little fuzzy for the tiny bits we've seen of her in the TV series. This issue makes for a great finale to the Micro-Series though as it gives fans a more inside look into Luna's life.