Wednesday, May 7, 2014

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Trot Topics, *How Canon Is Expanded Universe?: Friends Forever #4

We finally get a family reunion between just Twilight and her BBBFF in a single story. Even though we never had any idea that she had an older brother until the end of Season 2, there's been a lot of response from the fandom regarding their relationship. So since Friends Forever is about teaming up two characters from MLP in story together, it was kind of natural that we'd see this happen in the comics, but not without stretching out the given continuity a little.

Twilight goes to visit her brother in the Crystal Empire, and is greeted by two crystal ponies that were clearly modeled after Pearl Forrester and TV's Frank from Mystery Science Theatre 3000, and then later on by a crystal pony version of Dr. Forrester, which makes you wonder if there's a Satellite of Harmony floating around Equestria. Two other crystal ponies who are part of Shining Armor's staff are modeled after the Mario Bros., complete with mushrooms for cutie marks, which considering how many alicorn princesses keep cropping up is a good idea in case Bowser decides to kidnap any of them.

It seems the Crystal Castle is being haunted by a Crystal Ghost, which is chronicled in Twilight's old Monster-pedia, which is either a real encyclopedia of monsters in Equestria, or somekind of Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual. The ghost is stealing books from the royal library, so Twilight and Shining put together their old act of "monster trackers" which was a game they played as kids where they went out into the wild looking for monsters, most of which were based on the Oubliettes and Ogres RPG they were hooked on.

We are then introduced to an actual Crystal Ghost, who was originally imprisoned in the caverns under the castle by King Sombra who used him to read stories to him. It's a different side to Sombra's backstory to find out he liked the occasional bedtime story. The ghost is hired as the royal librarian's assistant, although its not revealed if it is an actual ghost, meaning if he died or not.

This issue brought a little more light to the history of the Crystal Empire, but it could've used a little input from Cadance and her still unrevealed ties to the Crystal Empite, or Sombra's rise to power. Hopefully this will get covered sometime in the future.

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