Sunday, June 15, 2014

A dream come true, OR A NIGHTMARE?!

Trot Topics, *How Canon Is Expanded Universe?: Bookworm Saga

Taking a "page" from Pagemaster, the next 2-issue story arc from the regular comic series has characters from pony literature breaking the fourth wall and entering the real world of technicolor talking ponies. But even with pony-versions of Loki and Voldemort running around, this particular chapter manages to go outside the lines of the TV show's continuity. BTW, there was never really an official title for this chapter, so I'm just taking a hint from some old 90s anime dubs and calling it the "Bookworm Saga".

In the first issue, large cocoons appear all over Ponyville what Pinkie calls "schmarfelpods", and most of the books in Golden Oak Library have been chomped up. Twilight finds a bookworm is the culprit who manages to escape into the book. This leads Spike to conclude that if a magical comic book could pull someone into its world that they could use similar magic to go into the world of the books to catch the worm(an interesting callback to Season 4 episode meaning this takes place sometime after it). Twilight, Pinkie, Rarity, and Rainbow follow the worm into a fairytale book where they become the characters in the stories like "Pinkie Hood" and "Raritypunzel", which makes you wonder what the actual names are of these human world fictional characters in the regular Ponyverse. They then go into a Daring Do story with Rainbow portraying her heroine, while in the real world a version of Daring Do appears from a schmarfelpod in front of Applejack, Spike and Fluttershy. Probably not the actual Daring Do but a version of the character from the books brought to life, so you'd really have to wonder what would happen if A.K. Yearling met up with her fictional counterpart. Meanwhile in the book dimension, the other ponies follow the worm down the rabbit hole from story to story who keeps getting bigger after consuming each book, and once he eats one of the characters they end up manifesting in the real world, including pony versions of Tarzan and the Evil Queen. The girls eventually get stuck in some kind of null space inbetween book worlds where the worm has already eaten the story, sounding somewhat similar to the "Twilight Zone" from where Twilight was turned into an alicorn.

In the next issue, the girls manage to get out of the blank dimension by coming up with their own story which manifests into a Middle Earth type world where they spend a long time on a quest to a volcano, and even Dash asks why they don't just fly to it. The strange thing here is whether or not there was an actual Lord Of The Rings allegory in Equestrian literature for our heroes to base this on, or if its just something Pinkie came up with on the spot, although to spice it up she concocts some White-Walker ponies from Game Of Thrones, so Pinkie could have a whole other career as a fantasy author. Dash uses her made-up Rainbow Vision to turn the zombie ponies back to normal, and then rewrites the story to become Captain Kirk on a spaceship(so...this means Star Trek exists in Equestria?). Out in the real world, the CMC threaten the Evil Queen by blabbing that the Mane 6 will blast her to the moon with the Elements of Harmony, which couldn't happen though because at this point in the TV show the Elements were given back to the Tree of Harmony. In order to try and get their friends back, Spike, AJ, Fluttershy, and Daring Do come up with their own comic about how the Evil Queen has imprisoned them. Back inside the book world, the girls are being chased by a now monster-sized bookworm, but somehow end up in the comic their friends had drawn. They convince the worm to understand the damage he's caused, and make it back to the real world, thus sending all the fictional characters back to their own books. The bookworm then leaves planning on spreading the word of friendship to other bookworms, which possibly ties into the appearance of another bookworm in the Rainbow Dash chapter book.

This was a bizarre look into the world of Equestrian literature, and surprising how much of it is modeled after our own. It would've been nice to see some more original works like Daring Do other than just pony versions of books from our world.