Thursday, July 24, 2014

Trot Topics, *How Canon Is Expanded Universe?: Friends Forever #6

The latest issue of Friends Forever has two of the biggest egos in Equestria teaming up for the first time, Rainbow "Danger" Dash and "The Great And Powerful" Trixie. So of course the collected weight of both of their egos cause the MLP continuity to nearly cave in on itself.

Dashie gets a message saying she's been requested by the Queen of the land of Dimondia to put on an areal acrobatics show, although none of her friends have ever heard of Dimondia, not even know-it-all bookworm Twilight. Dash arrives in Diamondia, only to find it is actually the kingdom of none other than the Diamond Dogs. Dash is about to dash away, but a representative for the kingdom shows up to greet her and informs her that the ones she and her friends ran across on the TV show were exiled a while back. This is a little groundbreaking for the setup of some the "civilized" communities within Equestria. It's almost like finding out that there was a swarm of Changelings who separated from the collected hive to feed on negative emotions or something. The clan of Diamond Dogs that were shown on prior to this seem like an entire segment of their population was sent away, sort of similar to the way Australia became a prison island for British criminals, and those exiled Dogs formed their own underground domain away from their homeland. Rainbow is introduced to the new Queen of Dimondia who is none other than Trixie. While she was on her way to Seaddle, Trixie again had her cart wrecked, and was found by some of the Dogs who think she is one of the unicorns who can locate gems. So they make her their new queen, although they won't let her leave as her crown keeps an invisible pull on it that keeps her within a certain range of the castle unless the Dogs' love for their new Queen disappears. Rainbow has a plan to put on a airshow where Trixie gives her all the diamonds in the kingdom. This makes the Dogs quickly impeach Trixie, and she moves on to her next "trick" which will be the next story arc of the regular TV series.

This issue once again expanded the world of MLP a bit with more than one clan of Diamond Dogs scattered throughout Equestria. It also brings back the concept of magical items that either control its wearer's emotions or ones that are effected by the emotions of others.

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