Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Trot Topics, *How Canon Is Expanded Universe?: Rarity And The Curious Case Of Charity

Rarity takes the throne for the next chapter book. has joined the House of Outrageous and Opulent Fashion(or H.O.O.F)which is some kind of professional fashion society, and she is charged with being the mentor of the young unicorn, Charity Sweetmint. The strange part is that this story actually reaches to some of the other expanded universe titles. There isn't a lot in this though that is outside of the normal continuity, but there are some "rarities" here.

There's a lot of references to France in this. For one thing the book mentions that one that one of Rarity's favorite "French" designers is Coco Cheval, who is supposedly not Coco Pomel. Although later on Charity mentions that she studied abroad in "Mare-is, Prance", which means there is an Equestrian equivalent of France, but it's not actually called France. This is weird, since you'd think that in this universe they'd refer to the style or language as "Prench".

We get another brief cameo by Derpy, although here she's not referred to by name. It is established that she is a mail pony here, although for some reason she can't seem to talk normally. Sweetie Belle is somehow able to understand what she says though. Derpy delivers a letter to Rarity that Charity is coming from the Larson's The Neigh School For Design, which is possible named after the show's producer.

One brief bit is when Rarity is trying to help Charity finding inspiration from the things around her, and brings Rarity to remembering Pinkie's giant costume of herself, which is first shown in The Return Of Queen Chrysalis story arc of the comics. This was the first time that something from the IDW comics has been referenced into the expanded media, even if it wasn't on the TV show.

This was a pretty good story that you could've actually seen turned into a regular TV episodes. Although it's got few emissions from the regular timeline, it worth looking into.

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