Monday, October 13, 2014

Trot Topics, *How Canon Is Expanded Universe?: Discord Who

For issue #24 of the regular MLP comic book series, they decided to do another one-shot with the Cutie Mark Crusaders, along with their latest recruit, Discord, who is an honorary member since Friends Forever issue #2, plus Fluttershy leading them all on a big nature hike. But Discord's arrival tempts the ponies to go time travelling with him to see animals in other points of Equestrian history, which alone makes you know they'll bend the given laws of continuity.

Discord interrupts the CMC's daytrip with by sweet-talking them along with Fluttershy into his "time machine" which looks like a windup elevator, and Discord claims is smaller on the inside. Upon opening it, Doctor Whooves appears, that in its own way slightly verifies his fan status as a Time Lord, but Discord immediately tosses him out.

Fluttershy worries that going back in time will change the past so that they might not ever exist. Discord reassures her that you can't change the past because of all the continuity issues it might cause, despite the fact that he's tried it himself to no success. This isn't totally accurate though in the given MLP continuity, because when Twilight went back in time from the future to warn present day self not to waste time worrying about a disaster that won't happen, she did actually alter the past by making her present self spend a whole week worrying about it. So, time travel in this reality can have some effects on the past, thus altering the present.

Their first stop in Discord's Wabac Machine is ancient Anugypt, Equestria's version Egypt. Here, the ponies are under the thumb of the bipedal canine Anubis and his dog soldiers, who here seem like the ancestors of the Diamond Dogs. Discord and his pony pals are abducted by Anubis' guards, and taken before the Anugyptian ruler, but are rescued by the cat goddess Baast and her kitty friends who each have their own familiar color scheme. The talking cats interjects the possibility of Catrina from the old MLP TV special being part of the current continuity. Baast and Discord apparently have a prior "relationship" as she kisses him goodbye, but Sweetie Belle advices her to use the power of friendship against Anubis, suggesting that the curse of the Nightmare Forces have been around since the days of ancient Anugypt. This alone adds some serious weight to Equestria's history, meaning that the cycle of powerful magical leaders here being infected by Nightmare Energy has been going on for a while, and might possibly continue into the future.

They make a quick stop in the future(or at least a possible future)where all the ponies are Cyberponies via Doctor Who, although Discord declares that this future is "just spoilers". So, if this means that Equestria is invaded by aliens an all turned into bionic drones is unknown.

Our heroes briefly stop for only one page at the underwater city of Coltlantis inhabited totally by kelpie, which are more or less the Equestrian equivalent of sea ponies. The actual difference between kelpie and mermares shown in the My Little Pirate story arc hasn't been fully established yet, if there is any. However the kelpie shown in the previous issue with the pets freeing Ponyville from her hypnotic spell was able to exist on land, and the mermares aren't supposed to be able to do that. Also, the Sirens from Rainbow Rocks on their own seem to bear a close resemblance to the mermares and kelpie, so it's possible they came from Coltlantis too.

The last stop on CMC's trip is during the age of the dinosaurs. Fluttershy mentions seeing some prehistoric ponies, even though we never see them, which hints that there were neolithic equines living with dinosaurs in the vein of The Flintstones. Now, what happened to the actual dinosaurs over the centuries isn't told, but some regular Earth anthropology suggests that dinosaurs might have evolved into what humans would view as being dragons. Thus again suggesting that the dragons we see in Equestria might be descendants of dinosaurs. Another weird thing in this time period is the addition of a roc which kidnaps the Crusaders, which is giant bird from Arabian mythology, It would made more sense if this was a pterodactyl instead of a bird. Discord calls up his old Butterdragon friend Hubert to save them, even though he could've just snapped his fingers and hypnotized the roc into bringing them back.

This was a decent romp through time, but it's hard to say if this was a real trip through the ages, or if Discord wasn't just taking everyone on some massive virtual reality holodeck made to look like the real world. So, check it out at least for the fun references, but don't buy too much into it as any kind of solid history.

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