Friday, February 13, 2015

Trot Topics, *Season 5 Wishlist

With Season 5 coming "sometime in Spring 2015", a little overdue for my two bits on what I'd like to see in the upcoming episodes...

*The return of Gilda! I know I brought this up last year, but most of the villains or antagonists have come back either on the show or in the comics, and Gilda was the first legitimate "baddie" if you consider Luna becoming Nightmare Moon due to some kind of dark magic corruption. But Gilda was as far as we know Rainbow Dash's first real friend, and their parting of ways near the beginning of the series, so they have all that history with each other, but Dash really seems negligent as representing the Element of Loyalty by casting out her first BFF just because she didn't get along with her new friends which at that point in the series she had only been a little close to most of them. So, bring back Gilda for something involving her and Dash crossing paths and working out their history together.

*Cranky and Matilda getting married. It would be an interesting way to follow up their reunion from Season 2, plus a way to bring more of the donkey population in Equestria and how they interact with a pony-dominated society.

*The secret origin of Rarity's love for fashion. We know that her parents are kind of tacky, and a regular middle class suburban family, but it's hard to tell from these surroundings what started Rarity down the path of being a posh fashionista. It's established she got her cutie mark from her ability to find gems, but she originally got this from her desire to work in fashion. If she had some sort of idol or mentor she got her inspiration from, or if she wanted to be a fashion designer on her own could use some filling out.

*More behind the history of the Crystal Empire. We know they were more or less separate from the formation of Equestria on its own, but how they rose to be their own nation, and what Cadence's ties to it are need to be explored a little more.

*Zecora's backstory and more about the zebras. There's supposed to be some stepping out of the Equestrian borders this season, so maybe we'll get something covering the zebra nation. Plus, since there's going to be an exploration this season about the origin of cutie marks, so since zebras are the only other creatures to feature cutie marks, they should be added to that whole mystery.

*A look at the family structure of the Pegasi. When it comes to the Pegasus ponies in the series, they don't bring up much involving the family of the reoccurring Pegasus characters, specifically Rainbow and Fluttershy. We got a look at Dash's father/uncle/brother? in a flashback, but no established connection between them, not to mention nothing of Fluttershy or Scootaloo's family. It seems like Pegasi have a different family arrangement than what we're used to with the Earth and unicorn ponies, so a little more light needs to be shown on this area.

*Give Twilight's parents some actual dialogue! They've just stood in the background watching their daughter become Princess Celestia's prize student and then an alicorn princess, plus their son becoming Captain of the Royal Guard and later a prince of the Crystal Empire, but have as yet to be given anything to say about any of it. We know Twilight considered her brother her first best friend, but almost nothing covering her relationship with her parents other than they encouraged her to study. Not including that couple of seconds they were turned into plants, you'd think we could get at least some words of wisdom given to their kids.

*The return of Catrina(also called "Katrina")! Since they brought back Tirek and mentioned Scorpan for the Season 4 finale, it stands to reason that they could bring back the villain from the second MLP television special, the one that came out before the movie and prior to the first TV series. Having an anthropomorphic feline in Equestria isn't too far off since they already have anthropomorphic canines there(i.e.: Diamond Dogs), least of all one that can use magic. Definitely include her partner Rep too, especially since they were the very first OTP in MLP!

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